Choose carefully your business premises for rent

Image Choose carefully your business premises for rent

Renting commercial premises is much more profitable and more reassuring for you than renting accommodation. However, while the market may be as lucrative, it is important to maximize your earnings so that you know how to choose the most profitable business premises in a careful way. Your choice will depend not only on the characteristics of each property, but also on the market demand.

The different types of commercial premises

The basic offer of commercial premises for rent concerns shops that are rented by individuals so that they could hold business assets of selling products (ready-to-wear, groceries, bakery, cosmetics, etc.).

These may be stores located in a building or a group of shops located in a shopping center. It all depends on the geographical area and the type of project that the developer has decided to develop there.

Installed in Tunisia since 2012, Astoria Immobilière is a luxury real estate agency that the promoter Tarek Bouchamaoui has decided to dedicate in part to the rental of luxury premises that are used as offices or for trades.

Even more broadly, a warehouse might be considered as a commercial space because it serves as a storage and stocking products sold by a sign. It can also be used as a product manufacturing workshop or be diverted and transformed into a shop or a shopping mall.

Whatever it be, the qualification is much more depending to the activity of a commercial nature than the nature of the premises themselves. In this way, premises initially reserved for habitation can become commercial premises under some lawful conditions.

However, the most important in the rental of commercial premises remains the commercial location.

The commercial location, the key to the success of commercial premises

A commercial location cannot be chosen the same way as a residential location. A shopkeeper wants, before anything else, to have visibility. With this aim in mind, he wants to have the possibility to settle in a commercial area with a lot of crowds.

In the gabble of real estate business, one may talk in terms of locations that is to say :

  • Location # 1
  • Location # 1bis
  • Location # 2

    The locations are indeed numbered in this way according to the rate of concentration of the famous brands in the merchant zone. In this way, a # 1 location is the best in terms of the presence of brands with high notoriety and therefore attractiveness.

    Location # 1bis is very often very close to location # 1 and therefore benefits from some of the influence of the attractiveness of the latter. As for location # 2, it is generally a secondary road, more or less in the downtown and the attraction of the big chains.

    Business premises for rent located in the city center and in particular on the sites No. 1 and 1bis are generally the most expensive per square meter because of their characteristics while the sites No. 2 are much more affordable. Knowing that in real estate business, the owner freely sets the rent, you can imagine the rate of return.

    In Tunisia, areas such as Carthage, El Menzah or Tunis represent the most important thing in the shopping center where many real estate agencies such as Tarek Bouchamaoui offer many high standing commercial premises for rent.